Press Release – Office of the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia

On 2 February 2017, the International Court of Justice (“the Court”) in The Hague, The Netherlands held a hearing to render its judgment on the preliminary objection proceedings brought by the Republic of Kenya (the “Government of Kenya”) against Federal Republic of Somalia (the “Government of Somalia”) on 7 October 2015. The preliminary objection requesting the Court to decline jurisdiction, was brought in response to the case filed by the Government of Somalia against the Government of Kenya on 28 August 2014 on the delineation of maritime boundary line between Somalia and Kenya in the Indian Ocean.

Today, the Court held that it has jurisdiction over the case (MOU) brought by the Government of Somalia against the Government of Kenya. The Government of Somalia and the Somali people welcome the Court’s fair and just decision and are proud to protect the sovereignty and sovereign rights of Somalia’s maritime zones and the natural resources it holds. The Government of Somalia strongly believes in the strength of its legal case and looks forward to a fair and just final decision from the Court on the merits of its case.

The Somali and the Kenyan people share strong cultural and historical ties that cannot be severed or affected by any disagreements among them. Indeed, the Somali and the Kenyan people’s destiny and future are indissolubly interconnected. Hence, the Government of Somalia is committed to continuing to work hard in close cooperation with its brothers and sisters in Kenya to address the pressing issues confronting both nations and the region.

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